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I want to disappear. 

spiritual-sayings asked:
lovely blog! I admire your black and white pictures/gifs.

Thank you thoughtful. (:

ypcyka asked:
speak russian?

I’m rusty, I haven’t spoken it since my grandfather died. 

brainbowww-deactivated20110222 asked:
i hope you'll be alright beautiful. everything is going to solve, you know. one way or another. hugs from around the world.

Thank you so much lovely, really, you’re amazing. 

ralphing asked:
I can't say we have loads in common, because you might disagree, but I do like your blog. And what you have to say is almost like you were in my head for a day. Bad at compliments , giving and receiving sorry. Hah, i'll just end this with you're intruiging ~

I have to say this is the best thing I’ve read in my ask box in a very long while, and you made my day. I’m not one to speculate, but I have a feeling I’d love you to know you

for those who care to know

Sorry for not replying all your asks quick, I’m afraid I’m not so alright my mother died and I’ve been having trouble getting out or functioning, I dropped out from the semester and everything is going downhill. Fuck I can’t even write I had to edit this four times :/

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